Last Updated: 12/12/2019 3:54 PM




Kindergarten registration is available for any student who will be 5 years of age (or older) by August 1, 2019


  • Photo identification of parent/legal guardian registering student. Acceptable forms of photo identification would be a state-issued driver's license, U.S. passport, or U.S. Military I.D.
  • Student’s Birth Certificate. The certificate has to be issued by the Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics. A certificate issued by the hospital can not be accepted.
  • Student’s complete immunization and health record. For questions pertaining to immunizations for public school attendance in the state of Ohio, please go HERE.
  • Proof of Residency:  Acceptable proofs of residency include: a lease or mortgage agreement; a utility bill that is directly linked to your residence such as gas, water or electric (we cannot accept cell phone or cable bills); a homeowner's insurance policy bill or a tax bill from the Medina County Auditor's Office.  If you do not lease or own the residence, you will need to complete a residency affidavit. This will need to be completed by the parent and owner of the property, must be notarized and submitted with a proof of residency which will include the owner's name and address.  For a residency affidavit form, please click HERE.
  • Proof of Custody. If the student is not living with both natural or adoptive parents, a certificated copy of the most current court order establishing custody or guardianship from a Domestic Relations, Probate, or Juvenile Court or any other Court of competent jurisdiction which has issued an order regarding the custody of the child(ren) being registered is required.


Parents will report to the Buckeye Primary School at their scheduled screening time. There will be a sign-in area in the lobby directly beyond the main doors. Upon arrival please report to this area, not the primary offices.

During the screening session, parents will meet separately with office staff to attend an informational meeting in the Media Center while students will be assessed by our team of education professionals. Parents will be in this meeting for the  entire one hour and fifteen minutes allotted per screening session. We will also collect the necessary registration documents at this time for those students new to our district.  For those parents without access to the online registration portal, we will provide computers during this time to enable them to register their child.



If you do have concerns about your pre-school child in one of the following areas: understanding language, using language, self-help skills (eating, using the bathroom, dressing), social skills/behavior, gross motor skills (running/jumping), fine motor skills (eye-hand coordination), attention span/following simple directions, vision, hearing, please contact Mrs. Kissinger, Buckeye Primary School Psychologist at 330-722-8257 X 4124 for further information regarding help that may be available for your pre-schooler.