Buckeye Local Schools
3044 Columbia Rd.
Medina, Ohio 44256


Staff Directory

Senior High Directory
Name Phone Extension Area E-Mail Address
PROGRESS BOOK Problems 330-722-8257 EXT.7764    
Charles Vrabel 3067 Principal cvrabel@buckeyeschools.org
Dan Flood 3066 Assistant Principal dflood@buckeyeschools.org
Florence Stewart 3065 Secretary nwargo@buckeyeschools.org
Sandra Queen 3069 Secretary squeen@buckeyeschools.org
Glen Reisner 3053 Athletic Director greisner@buckeyeschools.org
Sue Creagh 3054 AD/BOE Secretary screagh@buckeyeschools.org
Jodie McInnes 3077 Guidance jmcinnes@buckeyeschools.org
Amanda Hogue 3076 Guidance ahogue@buckeyeschools.org
Linda Depew 3075 Guidance Secretary ldepew@buckeyeschools.org
Shelly Schrier 3052 District Psychologist sschrier@buckeyeschools.org
Erin Lukens-Darr 3050 Librarian edarr@buckeyeschools.org
Marie Hornung 3051 Library Aide mhornung@buckeyeschools.org
Gayle Telford 3074 Psychologist gtelford@buckeyeschools.org
Tracy Easterday 3060 Sheriff teasterday@buckeyeschools.org
Jennifer Blair 3015 English jblair@buckeyeschools.org
Courtney Smith 3016 English csmith@buckeyeschools.org
Jennifer Muckley 3017 English jmuckley@buckeyeschools.org
Cybele Pelka-Kuty 3006 English ckuty@buckeyeschools.org
Carolyn Constance 3008 English cconstance@buckeyeschools.org
Emily Allred 3007 English eallred@buckeyeschools.org
Neal Call 3013 Math ncall@buckeyeschools.org
George Seese 3011 Math gseese@buckeyeschools.org
Howard Calame 3012 Math hcalame@buckeyeschools.org
Ashley Morningstar 3010 Math amorningstar@buckeyeschools.org
Paul Shircliff 3047 Math/Science pshircliff@buckeyeschools.org
Ashley Gallagher 3014 Math agallagher@buckeyeschools.org
Sandra Tapolcsanyi 3031 Science stapolcsanyi@buckeyeschools.org
Nicholas Baldwin 3048 Science nbaldwin@buckeyeschools.org
Jeffrey Koeth 3046 Science jkoeth@buckeyeschools.org
David Binkley 3032 Science dbinkley@buckeyeschools.org
Lindsay Valenti 3030 Science lvalenti@buckeyeschools.org
Carrie Keith 3047 Science ckeith@buckeyeschools.org
Angelique Drerup 3019 Spanish adrerup@buckeyeschools.org
Jacque Nuske 3018 Spanish jnuske@buckeyeschools.org
Elisabeth Smelser 3123 Spanish esmelser@buckeyeschools.org
Brandon Arnold 3020 French barnold@buckeyeschools.org
David Parish 3027 Social Studies dparish@buckeyeschools.org
Joe Serio 3028 Social Studies jserio@buckeyeschools.org
  3023 Social Studies  
Rita Wovna 3025 Social Studies rwovna@buckeyeschools.org
David Kinsey 3026 Social Studies dkinsey@buckeyeschools.org
Laurie Mikita 3009 Business lmikita@buckeyeschools.org
  3056 Physical Ed  
Matt Saunders 3039 Health/PE msaunders@buckeyeschools.org
Ryan Kerns 3045 Art rkerns@buckeyeschools.org
Gregory King 3038 Band/Music gking@buckeyeschools.org
Pam Haberkorn 3080 Vocal Music phaberkorn@buckeyeschools.org
Benjamin Lutman 3041 Industrial Arts blutman@buckeyeschools.org
Dana Handrosh 3043 Vo Ag dhandrosh@buckeyeschools.org
Sally Weizer 3034 Consumer Science sweizer@buckeyeschools.org
Heather George 3042 SBH hgeorge@buckeyeschools.org
Mary Ann Bergen 3022 LRC mbergen@buckeyeschools.org
David Hosack 3024 LRC dhosack@buckeyeschools.org
Larry Tony 3120 Intervention ltony@buckeyeschools.org
Debbie Wellman 3042 Paraprofessional dwellman@buckeyeschools.org
Tereasa Geneaux   Study Hall Aide tgeneaux@buckeyeschools.org
James Huth 3117 Tutor/Social Studies jhuth@buckeyeschools.org
Patty Distaulo 3059 Head Custodian pdistaulo@buckeyeschools.org
Debbie Colbrun 3110 Cook dcolbrun@buckeyeschools.org
Eileen Moehle 3058 Cook emoehle@buckeyeschools.org
Student Absent Line 9200    
Front Desk 3063    
Health Clinic 3062    
Office Conf. Room 3068    
Kitchen Office 3058    
Training Room 3055    
Directions-Ath Events 853    
Sports Info Line 854    
Teacher Call Off 9201    
Distance Learning Lab 3040    
Junior High Directory
Name Phone Extension Area E-Mail Address
PROGRESS BOOK Problems 330-722-8257 EXT.7764    
Jeff Smith 2105 Principal jsmith@buckeyeschools.org
Peggy Snanigan 2104 Secretary psnanigan@buckeyeschools.org
Mary Ellen Zaremba 2101 Office Paraprofessional mzaremba@buckeyeschools.org
Theresa Farello 2103 Guidance tfarello@buckeyeschools.org
Elaine Semper 2108 Psychologist esemper@buckeyeschools.org
Gayle Telford 3074 Prevention Co gtelford@buckeyeschools.org
Nancy Russell 2211 Language Arts nrussell@buckeyeschools.org
Jody Keith 2210 Language Arts jkeith@buckeyeschools.org
Sylvia Simak 2212 Language Arts ssimak@buckeyeschools.org
Tim Maxworthy    Language Arts tmaxworthy@buckeyeschools.org
Elizabeth Seich 2206 Math eseich@buckeyeschools.org
Michele Shelly 2205 Math mshelly@buckeyeschools.org
Emily Goodwin 2220 Math egoodwin@buckeyeschools.org
Howard Calame 3012 Math hcalame@buckeyeschools.org
Steve Wido   Math swido@buckeyeschools.org
Gary Cox 2215 Science gcox@buckeyeschools.org
Lura Roblee 2216 Science lroblee@buckeyeschools.org
Kate Middlemiss 2214 Science kmiddlemiss@buckeyeschools.org
Mark Reinbrecht 2203 Social Studies mreinbrecht@buckeyeschools.org
Kelly Sumodi 2208 Social Studies ksumodi@buckeyeschools.org
Anna Rohn 2207 Social Studies arohn@buckeyeschools.org
Elizabeth Smelser 2225 Spanish esmelser@buckeyeschools.org
Brandon Arnold 3020 French barnold@buckeyeschools.org
Gregory King 3038 Band/Music gking@buckeyeschools.org
Adam Zbydnowski 2226 Art azbydnowski@buckeyeschools.org
Mike Bradley 2120 Physical Ed/Health mbradley@buckeyeschools.org
Michelle Acks 2201 Health/PE macks@buckeyeschools.org
Renee Albrecht 2224 Intervention ralbrecht@buckeyeschools.org
Christine Guerrieri 2209 Special Ed cguerrieri@buckeyeschools.org
Elsie Jenkins 2218 LD Tutor ejenkins@buckeyeschools.org
Patty Silk 2217 LD Tutor psilk@buckeyeschools.org
Tammy Potter 2202 Learning Resource tpotter@buckeyeschools.org
Erin Lukens-Darr 2109 Librarian edarr@buckeyeschools.org
Diane Eyring 2113 Library Aide deyring@buckeyeschools.org
Lynn Frantz 2118 Head Custodian lfrantz@buckeyeschools.org
John Croftcheck 2118 Custodian jcroftcheck@buckeyeschools.org
Henrietta Wood 2115 Head Cook hwood@buckeyeschools.org
Connie Perez 2215 Kitchen cperez@buckeyeschools.org
Girl's Coaches Office 2119    
Kitchen 2115    
Teacher Lunch Room 2204    
Work Room 2117    
Tutor Room (Chanson) 2106    
Intermediate Directory
Name Phone Extension Grade E-Mail Address
PROGRESS BOOK Problems 330-722-8257 EXT.7764    
Rich Finley 4342 Principal rfinley@buckeyeschools.org
Jan Durica 4339 Secretary jdurica@buckeyeschools.org
Patti Simmerly 4337 Office Parprofessional patti@buckeyeschools.org
Debbie Muccio 4343 Tech Resource dmuccio@buckeyeschools.org
Karl Walker 4205 Tech Admin kwalker@buckeyeschools.org
Jennifer Wish 4344 Guidance jwish@buckeyeschools.org
Wendy Heinle 4322 Preschool wheinle@buckeyeschools.org
Justine Srodek 4320 Preschool jsrodek2@buckeyeschools.org
Lauren Rogers 4321 Preschool lrogers@buckeyeschools.org
Laura Ramsey 4383 4th lramsey@buckeyeschools.org
Kristine Headley 4382 4th kheadley@buckeyeschools.org
Ashley Weston 4310 4th aweston@buckeyeschools.org
Denise Steurer 4311 4th dsteurer@buckeyeschools.org
Traci Bowles 4312 4th tbowles@buckeyeschools.org
Rayleen Walker 4381 4th rwalker@buckeyeschools.org
Amy Doty 4316 5th adoty@buckeyeschools.org
Heidi Silcox 4313 5th hsilcox@buckeyeschools.org
Melissa Vetrick 4340 5th mvetrick@buckeyeschools.org
Elizabeth Alexander 4317 5th ealexander@buckeyeschools.org
Lisa Auber 4315 5th lauber@buckeyeschools.org
Diane Christopher 4314 5th dchristopher@buckeyeschools.org
Sarah Harrison 4318 5th sharrison@buckeyeschools.org
Sue Abraham 4306 6th sabraham@buckeyeschools.org
Kellie Johnston 4305 6th kjohnston@buckeyeschools.org
Mike Davis 4303 6th mdavis@buckeyeschools.org
Mary Crabtree 4304 6th mcrabtree@buckeyeschools.org
Dave Piehl 4301 6th @buckeyeschools.org
Nancy Dieter 4302 6th ndieter@buckeyeschools.org
Crystal King 4307 6th  cking@buckeyeschools.org
Julie Dull 4338 ED jdull@buckeyeschools.org
    ED Aide  
Betty Knittel 4330 Resource Room bknittel@buckeyeschools.org
Claudia Davis 4330 Resource Aide cdavis@buckeyeschools.org
Anita Barnhart 4331 Resource Room abarnhart@buckeyeschools.org
Mandy Antczak 4331 Resource Aide mantczak@buckeyeschools.org
Maura Rider 4323 At-RiskTutor mrider@buckeyeschools.org
Esther Kucinski 4153 Visual Art ekucinski@buckeyeschools.org
Kelly Porter-Santamaria 4353 Visual Art kpsantamaria@buckeyeschools.org
Dena Timura 4209 Music dtimura@buckeyeschools.org
Shirley Oltman 4354 Vocal Music soltman@buckeyeschools.org
Janette Simmons 4358 Physical Ed jsimmons@buckeyeschools.org
Amy Bryk 4158 Physical Ed abryk@buckeyeschools.org
Colleen Kato 4336 Speech ckato@buckeyeschools.org
  4201 Librarian  
Joe Srodek 4225 Custodian jsrodek@buckeyeschools.org
Staff Room 4333    
Clinic 4348    
Library (Lukens-Darr) 4201    
Library (Hedrick) 4201    
OT/PT (A. Weimer) 4335    
OT/PT (W. Lane) 4335    
Primary Directory
Name Phone Extension Grade E-Mail Address
PROGRESS BOOK Problems 330-722-8257 EXT.7764    
Dawn Hartwell 4142 Principal dhartwell@buckeyeschools.org
Renee Sandy 4143 Secretary rsandy@buckeyeschools.org
Kelly Moore
4137 Secretary kmoore@buckeyeschools.org
Donna Comuzie 4139 Office Parprofessional dcomuzie@buckeyeschools.org
Jim Kerns 4203 Tech Coordinator jkerns@buckeyeschools.org
Shannon Kissinger 4124 Psychologist shannon@buckeyeschools.org
Tammy DePriest 4123 Speech tdepriest@buckeyeschools.org
Jennifer Wish 4144 Guidance jwish@buckeyeschools.org
Jennifer Greathouse
4120 Kindergarten jgreathouse@buckeyeschools.org
Linda Collins 4122 Kindergarten lcollins@buckeyeschools.org
Lori Luth 4119 Kindergarden lluth@buckeyeschools.org
Jeanne Van Doros 4121 Kindergarten jvandoros@buckeyeschools.org
Mary Ellen Schmidt 4181 Intervention Kdg mschmidt@buckeyeschools.org
Janeen Calame 4117 1st jcalame@buckeyeschools.org
Debbie Brice 4115 1st dbrice@buckeyeschools.org
Melissa Miller 4118 1st mmiller@buckeyeschools.org
Amy Paulocsak 4114 1st apaulocsak@buckeyeschools.org
Dale Gnat 4113 1st dgnat@buckeyeschools.org
Kim Haag 4116 1st khaag@buckeyeschools.org
Allison Petrus
4130 1st apetrus@buckeyeschools.org
Jill Erb 4102 2nd jerb@buckeyeschools.org
Nora Epplen
4103 2nd nepplen@buckeyeschools.org
Sherri Gandolf 4106 2nd sgandolf@buckeyeschools.org
Vicky Ludwig 4105 2nd vludwig@buckeyeschools.org
Kristen Spencer 4101 2nd kspencer@buckeyeschools.org
Natalie Berthold
4104 2nd nberthold@buckeyeschools.org
Denise Hager 4107 2nd dhager@buckeyeschools.org
Becky Flanagan
4108 3rd bflanagan@buckeyeschools.org
Jackie Whitaker 4112 3rd jwhitaker@buckeyeschools.org
Colleen Mock 4110 3rd cmock@buckeyeschools.org
April Saffle 4109 3rd asaffle@buckeyeschools.org
Katy Droes 4182 3rd kdroes@buckeyeschools.org
Jackie Burgess 4111 3rd jburgess@buckeyeschools.org
Amy Wardeska 4185 Resource Room awardeska@buckeyeschools.org
Pam Mosgrove   Resource Rm Aide pmosgrove@buckeyeschools.org
Rachael Paul
4183 Resource Room rpaul@buckeyeschools.org
Anita Behner   Resource Rm Aide abehner@buckeyeschools.org
Kellie Wesner 4138 ED kwesner@buckeyeschools.org
Lisa Wittman   ED Aide lwittman@buckeyeschools.org
Julie Shrader 4125 At-Risk/Tutor jshrader@buckeyeschools.org
Natalie Longmuir 4136 Title I Tutor nlongmuir@buckeyeschools.org
Esther Kucinski 4153 Visual Art ekucinski@buckeyeschools.org
Kelly Porter-Santamaria 4353 Visual Art kpsantamaria@buckeyeschools.org
Dena Timura 4154 Music dtimura@buckeyeschools.org
Shirley Oltman 4354 Vocal Music soltman@buckeyeschools.org
Janette Simmons 4358 Physical Ed jsimmons@buckeyeschools.org
Amy Bryk 4158 Physical Ed abryk@buckeyeschools.org
Erin Lukens-Darr 4201 Librarian edarr@buckeyeschools.org
Cheryl Hedrick 4202 Library Aide chedrick@buckeyeschools.org
Allison Weimer 4335 OT aweimer@buckeyeschools.org
Bob Dieter 4223 Custodian bdieter@buckeyeschools.org
Computer Lab 4184    
Science Lab 4186    
Clinic 4148    
OT/Pt (A. Weimer) 4335    
OT/Pt (W. Lane) 4335    
Staff Room 4133    
Administration Directory
Name Phone Extension Area E-Mail Address
Brian Williams 1003 Superintendent bwilliams@buckeyeschools.org
Denise Piovarchy 1001 Superintendent Secretary denise@buckeyeschools.org
Sue Creagh (PM only) 1002 Office Aide screagh@buckeyeschools.org
Buckeye   General Email buckeye@buckeyeschools.org
Barb Gunkelman 1006 Curriculum bgunkelman@buckeyeschools.org
Judy McCourt 1007 Secretary jmccourt@buckeyeschools.org
Carolyn Weglewski 1008 Treasurer treasurer@buckeyeschools.org
Rhonda Schultz 1009 Treasurer Assistant rschultz@buckeyeschools.org
Deborah Hughes 1011 Treasurer Assistant dhughes@buckeyeschools.org
Darlene Summerville 1010 Treasurer Assistant dsummerville@buckeyeschools.org
Accounts Payable 1011 Treasurer apayable@buckeyeschools.org
Nancy Nimmo 1004 Special Education nnimmo@buckeyeschools.org
Cheryl Bartko 1005 Secretary cbartko@buckeyeschools.org
Roger Nowell 1019 Bus Supervisor rnowell@buckeyeschools.org
Jim Tighe 1017 Maintenance Supervisor jtighe@buckeyeschools.org
Gale Luther 1018 Food Service Supervisor gluther@buckeyeschools.org
  1020 Secretary  
Bus Mechanics 1016    
Board Room (Conference) 1013    
Tom Petek   Board of Education tpetek@buckeyeschools.org
Dennis Matson   Board of Education dmatson@buckeyeschools.org
Tracy Mattern   Board of Education tmattern@buckeyeschools.org
Jon Stahl   Board of Education jstahl@buckeyeschools.org
Ken Barco   Board of Education kbarco@buckeyeschools.org